Airplane Technics Training provides Basic Maintenance Training in cooperation with the sister company college of tomorrow`s success for obtaining EASA- aircraft maintenance license. All courses are in line with the international quality and procedural standards for the training of maintenance personnel.

Structure of teaching include:
Examination and Review
Provision of Books

We provide such modules:
Module 1. Mathematics (Part-66)
Module 2. Physics (Part-66)
Module 3. Electrical fundamentals (Part-66)
Module 4. Electronic fundamentals (Part-66)
Module 5. Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument Systems (Part-66)
Module 6. Materials and Hardware (Part-66)
Module 7. Maintenance Practices (Part-66)
Module 8. Basic Aerodynamics (Part-66)
Module 9. Human Factors (Part 66)
Module 10. Aviation Legislation (Part-66)
Module 11A. Turbine Aero plane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems (Part-66)
Module 15. Gas Turbine Engine (Part-66)
Module 17. Propeller (Part-66)

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