Disinfection with our Coronavirus KILLER. Elixir Global LLC is a Georgian based company which strives for innovation and betterment of human life. We are dedicated to producing Eco-friendly bio-products. Using a technology called Electro-Activated Water, we have developed, and are currently producing over 35 bio-organic products. Electro-Activation technology is unique and to a very high standard of operation. Our products are free from any harmful chemical and is completely safe. 


Our products are optimised to be used onboard aircrafts in various forms of use (as a spray and aerosol). We have tested our product (hand disinfection and surface disinfection) at HygCen laboratory in Schwerin, Germany, which have concluded in their expert opinion that our products are in fact effective and can KILL SARS-COV-2 WITHIN 30 SECONDS , the virus that is causing the disease known as COVID-19. 




      Environmentally friendly Bio-Product based on Electro-Activated Water. 

      Quickly removes pathogenic and other biological deposits. (Disinfects within 30 seconds) 

      Elixir has a strong Bactericidal Properties, Able to eliminate a broad-spectrum range of Bacteria: 

(Enterobacter, Klebsiella, Salmonella, Enterococcus, Escherichia, Staphylococcus, etc) 

      Elixir has a strong Viricidal Properties, Able to eliminate A Broad-Spectrum range of Viruses:  

(HBV, HIV, HCV, Herpes simplex, Influenza A, SARS Coronavirus, Adenovirus etc.) 

      Does not irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes as by-products are not toxic.  

      Compared to other products containing 70% ethanol / isopropanol / chlorine etc., our products are superior, more Eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-harmful for humans.  


We offer the following products


1.      Hand Disinfection: To be used by: Aircraft staff (Pilots, Flight Attendants), Passengers boarding the plane, Maintenance Crew. 

2.      Surface disinfection can be used locally on: Kitchen Worktops, Food Trays, Seats & Seatbelts, Windows, Other surfaces throughout the aircraft. 

3.      Air Disinfection: Air-conditioning systems, Ventilation shafts. Using Aerosol formed by a fogger throughout the cabin space.  

4.      Water disinfection: Drinking water, Tap water, Bathroom water.  


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